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From Paradise of Isla De Coco, comes the sights and sounds of Capt’n Henry His combined musical genius spans 100 years.

If oceans, beaches and palm trees lure you, then the visions and rhythmic tunes of Capt’n Henry will hook you. After many successful events and festivals in paradise, Capt’n Henry invite you to laid back music scene. We invite you to make your event unforgettable.  

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Captain Henry began playing trumpet at 7 years old starting with the up right bass in school. In Junior High he switched over to electric bass and was in and out of various Rock & Roll bands playing for school events and small parties.Throughout High School Captain Henry played many talent shows, Big River and Desert parties. He picked up playing acoustic guitar and some keyboard during this time. In 1974 he did a short stint in the military after which he formed a 5-piece hard driving rock band named Triax. This was a touring band that played all sizes of venues. Some of the many places played included the Cactus Club in Mesa, Arizona, Johnny Below Zero’s in Apache Junction, the Mesa Amphitheater Civic Center and the Gold Rush in Phoenix, Arizona to outdoor events, fairs and festivals and California Jams all over the country. He even played at larger venues like the Rockers in Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Detroit and many more. After 10 years of playing and touring, life got too crazy so the in 1985 the band called it quits and disbanded. In 1985-86 Captain Henry worked with the Country Music Associations of America, which helped up and coming new artists get their music heard and possibly signed; the other part of it which was Captain Henry’s main area, was the area of promotion. He handled booking national acts into various venues around the country such as the Oakridge Boys, Blackfoot, Iron Butterfly, etc.

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